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來一碗浪漫 Give me a Bowel of Romance 這是一份來自海外的傳情,送給男友在台灣的媽媽


A 60th Birthday Gift This order is came from overseas.

Customer's Request: Pot made by green leaves with wood stump. Flowers need to include Dahlias, Roses and Orchids. Magenta with light purple and light pink would be great.


因為時差的關係,討論時間比較有限, 但也依照客人的心願,完成、好好地送達囉

說實話在接應外國客人的時候,真的需要花費比較多的時間在溝通上~ 即便如此,能夠服務各地有需要的客人, 也是很開心的 大家有海外的朋友想要訂花的話,歡迎推薦介紹我們


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All of our florists can speak English very well, so you can contact us via Facebook messenger or Instagram to discuss with us about your customized products.

- Squirrel Flower 小松鼠歐式花藝 -


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